• Business Together​

  • Aimed at​

    our type of client

    Universities / Business Schools

    Teach how to build businesses in the 21st century

    Use our platform to teach your students how to build businesses from scratch. Use our methodology or your own methods, and manage the entire startup creation process

    Accelerators/ Incubators

    Manage your portfolio from one site​

    Solve your management problems by saving all the information in one place. Measure and track the status of each startup. Monitor your investments in an organized way and help your businesses improve

    Public Sector

    Help develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem​

    Offer methods, visibility, access to investment, and innovation to your local and national programmes designed to help entrepreneurs. Arrange competitions and rapid acceleration programs without the need for many resources

    Corporations / Consultants

    Rapidly build or sell your own innovation program

    With your own identity, without facilities, machines, or the need for technical equipment (we know what is hurting you… ;-))

  • Features​

    We help you innovate

    Fast and simple

    Without facilities or technical equipment, all on the cloud


    Give it your own personality

    Measuring and monitoring

    Monitor and measure the status of your projects

    Payment gateway

    Integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and Mangopay

    Proven methodology

    We offer you the Goldsmith Methodology to help startups grow their business and qualify for investment


    Give visibility to your startups.

    Showcase your projects

    Incredible support

    We are proud to provide excellent customized support

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  • About us​

    Passion for innovation

    Business Together is leaded in the US and Mexico by the Association of Women's Business Centers and The International Institute of Entrepreneurship & Technology and Adventurees Alliance S.L.